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Florence Tramway Network: T2 Vespucci finally opens

domenica 17 Febbraio 2019

Just over 6 months from the inauguration of T1 Leonardo to Careggi, the highly anticipated line T2 Vespucci is now operational in Florence, linking Piazza dell’Unità with Peretola Airport.

The opening of the tramway line T2 Vespucci on 11 February in Florence will be remembered as a momentous event

Just over 6 months from the extension of T1 Leonardo to Careggi, now the inauguration of the second line of the light rail network in Florence, T2 Vespucci, marks the beginning of a “tramway revolution”.

The official ceremony was attended by the highest ranking Italian officials, like the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, the Major of Florence Dario Nardella and the Minister of Infrastructures, Danilo Toninelli.

From now on, two tramway lines running a total length of 16 km and 901 m, will serve an estimated 37 million passengers per year. The service will reduce traffic congestion by 10 %, it will benefit the environment and will have a positive impact on the overall quality of life in the city.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella said: First and foremost I would like to thank the Florentine citizens for their patience and their perseverance in following the development of this project, which runs through squares, buildings and roads of the most populous neighbourhoods. I would like to thank the business representatives for their suggestions, which have allowed us to improve the building site. And thank you to the residents for their continuous support. We had to face challenges and difficulties, there were moments of discouragement and uncertainty. But in the end, we managed to complete the project, and this is a success we all share together.

It’s estimated that 27 thousand passengers will soon choose to abandon their private vehicles and use the more sustainable tramway network. A significant contribution to the project comes from the European Union.
The new line T2 will connect Piazza dell’Unita to Florence-Peretola airport via the Novoli neighbourhood

It will travel along places of interest such as the Tribunal of Florence, The Region headquarters, schools and universities. Among other features, the route of T2 will run through Palazzo Mazzoni, the 250 m-long viaduct of San Donato, and the Guidoni underground station

The service will be free until 24 February, when a big celebration will take place in San Donato. From 25 February, a single ticket for the entire journey to the airport will cost 1.50 euro. On the 25th February, new implementations to the local public transport system are also scheduled to start: line 22 will be closed, new lines will become operational while 8 routes will be modified.

As a quick and easy means of transportation, the Tramway Network might also carry about a stronger sense of community for passengers who live and work in Florence or come to the city to admire its outstanding beauty.

Marco Gargini