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Italy, all non-essential production activities are closed due to Coronavirus

mercoledì 1 Aprile 2020

All non-essential production activities are closed due to Coronavirus

The government is ramping up measures to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.
As requested by Dario Nardella, the Metropolitan Mayor of Florence, and by the other mayors of Tuscany with a letter addresses to Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister has announced the closure of all non-essential businesses and production activities from the 23 march
All supermarkets, groceries and shops selling basic necessities will continue to stay open.
Pharmacies and para pharmacies will also remain open as will banking, postal, financial and insurance services together with public transport. In addition, all activities that are related and ancillary to permitted services will be guaranteed.
A joint decree from the Health and the Interior Ministry will come into force banning all people from moving across municipalities except for proven reasons of work, health and emergency.
As the lockdown intensifies, fundraising campaigns are launched across the country to support the national health system. Among these, Tuscany is raising funds for the hospitals in the region while councils of the metropolitan area will promote local fundraising activities.
Finally, we remind you that many local shops and groceries in Florence have activated home delivery services, available through the online map Spesa Dove Come, “shopping where and how”.
moreover, the Mayors of the metropolitan area invite citizens to be mindful of older people who are facing this period of social isolation alone. A daily phone call to stay in touch with grandparents or elderly neighbours could be of great support for them.