July 2023: events in Florence and the surrounding area

domenica 9 Luglio 2023

Here is a rundown of events scheduled for July 2023 in Florence and the surrounding area. The announcements are taken from Feel Florence, the official tourism site of the Municipality of Florence and the metropolitan city area. The key event of the month will be held in Certaldo, with the 2023 edition of Mercantia, the International Festival of Quarto Teatro, which will take place from 12th to 16th July and whose theme will be “A New Hope”. Art – Palazzo Medici Riccardi, until 5th September, is hosting the exhibition “Luca Giordano. Baroque master in Florence”. The Museum of the 1900s is hosting, until 13th September, the exhibition “Lucio Fontana. The origin of the world”, dedicated to a great man of the last century. Until 30th July the Glass Museum of Empoli is hosting “Transparent history. Roman glass in Empoli”. For the cycle “Terre degli Uffizi”, until 1st September, the Ceramics Museum of Montelupo is hosting an exhibition in which ceramics play a crucial role in the links between the lords of Florence and the workshops of the masters of Montelupo In Montespertoli, until 29th October, in the Museo d’Arte Sacra of San Piero in Mercato an exceptional loan from the collection of Fra Filippo Lippi, the so-called “predella Barbadori”. Until 25th September the Abbey of San Gaudenzio in San Godenzo will host the exhibition “L’Annunciazione ritrovata”, by Andrea Del Sarto. In Vinci, until 11th September, “Leonardo’s Anatomic Drawing at the time of Salvator Mundi” with the display of two original drawings of the artist.

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