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Toscana Terra Etrusca

martedì 24 Luglio 2018

Trekking across Tuscany to discover Etruscans sites. The Metropolitan City of Florence will manage signage and maintenance of the new trail

Not only enchanting art towns, a trip to Tuscany can also offer visitors the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes at a walking pace. Slow-tourism is what inspires the many trekking tours that stretch across the Region.
Among them, Toscana Terra Etrusca, is a 90 km route that runs through the Tuscan colourful countryside, woods, olive fields and vineyards. A panoramic walk that invigorates body and soul while promoting the discovery of Etruscan ancient sites.
Funded by the Tuscany Region, Toscana Terra Etrusca is a special pedestrian itinerary set up by the Metropolitan City of Florence as part of the Tuscan Hiking Network R.E.T
The trail starts from the via Francigena, between Fucecchio and San Miniato and follows the typical scenic routes, through olive fields, vineyards, and the dry-stone walls scattered along the Tuscan hills. Passing through Cerreto Guidi and Vinci, hikers will be able to reach the Archaeological Area of Pietramarina, the fortified ruins of an ancient religious site.
Not to be missed is the13 km path from Capraia leading to Limite, where the Etruscan settlement on the hills of Montereggi will offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the Arno Valley. Also on this trail is Tomba dell’ uovo in Pulignano, an Etruscan tomb which was discovered in 2002.
Continuing along this path, the tour crosses over the area of Prato, leading to the necropolis of Prato Rosello, the Archaeological Museum of Artimino, and the Etruscan tumulus of Boschetti and Montefortini in Comeana.
The next destination is Signa where we recommend a visit to the Aquarium inside the Museum of Straw.
Moreover, a bike trail along the River Arno is accessible from Parco dei Renai. From the station of San Donnino, in Campi Bisenzio, the route detours to Rocca Strozzi where an archaeological museum is due to be opened. The trail then continues to the archaeological site of Gonfienti in Prato, which is renown to be the legendary Etruscan City of Camars.
Back on the banks of the River Arno, the bike trail will run to Parco delle Cascine, where the National Archeological Museum was inaugurated in 1871. The trail stretches as far as Fiesole, Here the Archeological Museum located by the Roman Theatre will enthral visitors with its historical atmosphere.

Script: Marco Gargini
Translation and speaking: Giorgia Scaturro